Our History

Northview Funeral Chapel & Cremation Centre recently, opened its doors in February 2020 and is owned and operated by Paul Needham and is London's newest funeral, cremation and burial services provider. 

Following on the success of Westview Funeral Chapel, Paul together with his wife, Heidi, decided to recreate the Westview model in the opposite end of the city, located on the corner of Highbury Avenue and Kilally Road. 

A Family Tradition: 

Paul's grandfather, Russel Needham, began the family legacy in funeral services dating back to 1928. Almost 100 years later, the family tradition continues at both Northview and Westview Chapels.  

A big part of what makes both funeral chapels appealing to our community is found in Russel Needham's original philosophy: 

"Always do your best!" 

As a youngster, Grandpa Needham used to ask, "Would you rather make a nickel twice, or 7 cents once?"  Paul always replied, "The nickel, Grandpa!"  He always smiled and said, "Good boy!" 

That message stuck with Paul and he is proud to continue that philosophy in the work Northview provides today.